about me

my lap with the background a blue green dress with a wooden spinning bowl and a supported spindle with blue green wool spun that matches my knees.

always moving forward

my name is jane. i am a spinster, a gardener, and an artist living in the middle of a cornfield.

i love rot and fungus, compost and seeds, and volunteer melons in my flower basket.

i’ve been on this path for a long time now and have recently decided to write about it.

i am also incapable of staying on topic and totally expect biannual posts about how i really need to dye my roots, and should i use the leftover henna on this yarn.

and there is always time for mushrooms.

i used to make dolls to sell, but now i make them for stories.

all of my dolls are alive with the spark of creativity and not a little bit of blood, sweat and tears. they all have a story and teeth and tongues to tell them with.

i love divination and asking weird questions.

i am an autist artist and an ex-baker.

world domination thru pastries!

just like the little prince, i am in love with a rose and every year when she blooms again in spring, i celebrate with baked goods and interpretive dance.

i am also on Mastodon!

the Bonefire Inn on discord is a lovely space for pagans, witches and devotional polytheists. https://discord.gg/5VSAhc77De