here is another post to test how the posting works.

edward the art doll birdthing

i am testing this post with a picture of the lovely and ever charming edward. he lives in my room perched on my headboard and has frequent tea parties on my altar with the other denizens of my room.

one day i will make more dolls and then he will have even more friends to hang with. hooray!

i am trying to make this post a bit longer to see how that would work in the layout so i am just stream of consciousness typing now. i would really like to have a spellcheck that actually works for me and that doesn’t assume that i am trying to type things that i am not trying to type. that would be both rad and awesome, you know?

here is another random pic.

lovely pen, ink and water color sigil

here is a lovely sigil i made for a zine a few months ago. it’s got a lot of green and was really fun to make. it’s for harmony and growth in community and i think that i might make another one that is less generic sometime soon.

hooray for that. hooray for wordcounts and rambling to fill space. space. the final frontier. and all that jazz.

i think that might be enough content to test out the screen reader and the layout, so laters! I’m gonna go do that now.